Do you trust?


Trust is never easy. Trusting someone’s timing of events that will make a major impact on your life…well that can be even harder. When you add the fact that you have asked for assistance to that…yikes!

HOWEVER, no matter what it looks like, He hears you. He hears your hopes, dreams, fears. He’s told us that He will withhold no GOOD thing from us. We just have to trust His timing.

Sometimes a no or no answer from God is a “not yet,” and sometimes a no is a “NO.”

No matter the circumstances His timing is perfect. Remember the song we always sing ,

🎶 He may not come when we want Him, but He’ll be there right on time. He’s an on time God. Yes, He is🎶

Trust His timing. Trust His word. Trust He hears you. Do you trust?💛


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  1. So hard to do sometimes. But one thing I learned is that it is easy to say “I trust you Lord” when everything is good. Its a different thing when all hell is breaking loose. But he is faithful.


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