Be still…


Anyone else feel personally attacked by today’s visual? Lol, I know that I do.

Questioning and freaking out should probably be my middle name. Should they be yours? Do you find yourself giving your issues to God only to pace the floor and worry that the worst is going to happen?

It’s a daily struggle, but it doesn’t make you less than. It makes you human. Which is why God has told us to “be still” to “not worry” to “cast our cares”.

Why? Why does He do this? It’s because we need reminders. It’s because it’s human nature to worry (even if we try not to).

So let’s understand that:

1. It’s ok, we all do it.

2.God understand and will take care of us in spite of.

So today give Him your issues. Give Him your worries and problems. Give it all to Him.

And when you’re done, grab a coffee. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Thank Him in advance, and know He has it all worked out.

Be blessed and be a blessing 💛


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