Welcome to my world 🌎

Hello and Welcome to my world….

Thank you for taking the time to come exploring with me today.  What God has in store for us here is going undoubtedly something truly new and dare I say amazing, because well, let’s face it…He’s pretty cool.

What you, well we, are getting ready to experience is my first foray into uniting versions of the poetry world…and the Christian blogging sphere.  I do not know what type of new domain we will make, or what messes we will make along the way (and there will be messes).  So I ask for patience and understanding, as we experiment, play, and learn this new literary world together.

With God as our lead (you know the pilot guy) what could go wrong?

I thank you for your support, no matter the form, and for stopping in to read and see what I have to offer the Christian literary world.  I will be posting and adding new material when God tells me to, as well as when I can.  That may be once a week, or multiple times a day.  Aren’t surprises fun?

Just think of this as a Christian Blog and Poetry Center for todays generation, trying to reach us where we are and how we understand.

To get started click The Faith Blogs (for Blogs) or Poetic Musings (for poetry).  If a quick pick me up is all you are looking for at the moment then head on over to A Moment of Faith ,for short faith infused blog pieces to get your day started, end them on the right note, or anything in between.  Or if you just want to learn more about me, then the About Me section is the place for you!  I pray you enjoy!

Stay Blessed, Stay Tuned, Stay Expectant ❤


“Faith moves mountains, and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished without hope.”

~ F. Raine

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  1. Tony Anderson says:

    I love your site. I so glad you are following your dreams and making moves. You are an inspiration to me and everyone that has the luck of knowing you. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. This truly means a lot and I greatly appreciate it!❤️


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