He has not given…


God has given us many things. Many amazingly beautiful and great things. Both in the spirit and physically.

However, there is one thing He has NOT given us. That is the spirit of fear. He has given us boldness!

A boldness to stand on His world.

A boldness to believe what He has promised.

A boldness to spread His word and love.

He has given us POWER.

He has given us LOVE.

He has given us SOUND MINDS.

How amazing is that? To know that fear cannot stand, cannot abide in the presence of what Gos has given us!

So rejoice and be not afraid. Walk in your power. Trust in His love. Rejoice for a sound mind (no matter what the devil tries to tell you, you HAVE a sound mind).

How wonderful are the things God gives.

So be blessed and be a blessing to someone today 💛


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