About Faith 

So Hey! I’m Faith…..

img_7104A US Navy Veteran by choice and a Military Brat by birth M. Roane a.k.a Faith Raine is an artistic work in progress.  Specializing in everything and nothing (as she was taught), most of the writing she loves and does involves poetry.  She also writes faith based, positivity laced, blogs that are chocked full of advice, scriptures, and just happen to come from a spiritual standpoint that are thrown into the mix for good measure.

Who knows what to call them (Bible Blogs, maybe?).  They’re like blogs, but not, or are they? More of a this is her life, come take a look, type deal.  The inner workings of her mind and spirit.  Honestly they are Christian Blogs for todays generation, well any generation.

A mother to a charming tornado and an outstanding sister and friend (if I do say so myself – and I do!), her works are something to behold.  However, at the end of the day she’s still quite new to blogging.  So patience would be a virtue when dealing with times between blogs and poems sometimes.

Although, as long as she has God on her side, and continues to step out on faith. What’s the worst that can happen?

~Stay Blessed, Stay Loved, Stay Expectant~


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