Why do I write? Asking me why I write is like asking why it is necessary to breathe… Really? Why do you breathe? Is it out of necessity? Maybe something you are compelled to do. Because to stop would mean you cease to exist…. Or – Have you ever screamed internally? Where no one could…

Food For Thought 

They say-
“You are what you eat,”
And truth is,
I’m still starving….

My Pen

When you want to write
But don’t know how-

And you can feel the words
Yet they won’t come out

Be My

Be my person – Be the one I run to when my world collapses around me The one I think of first when goodness has found me Be my person – The one to understand the craziness that is me But stays around knowing that there’s more that defines me Traversing ups and downs, Knowing…


Bleating  Incessant bleating  Your lips are moving but all I hear is- Bleating  Now the noise sounds like screaming, Ever heard a kid screaming? A goat, or a baby Either one is quite draining  Holding back a shout, Trying to worm its way out  Tired- Empty, I have zonked In this match, I tap out…

Sick Call

I haven’t been feeling well…. I do believe I’m sick, I calmly asked the Doctor “Can you write me out a script?” The Doctor merely smiled, Then He looked down at His pad, He lifted up His pen to write…. These are the writs I have – For fear take two, Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I…


We were given words  An update from deciphering Pictures on walls  Yet here we are  Years later excited  To put pictures on walls…. #poetry ©Words With Faith2017

Flower Girl 

I bring you flowers  on your special day,  Plus on days in between…. And up and down the aisle, I’ll skip as music plays  Throwing petals, Here and there Watching as they fall, Delivering unto you my friend The greatest bouquet of them all, Where is my bouquet-  I wonder…. I’m just a flower girl……

My Black

I was always told  My black was ugly This wasn’t by family,  To them I was pretty  Society told me- My black wasn’t beautiful,  That it was something to fear… They said I was Dirt, Mud, A tar baby, Porch monkey- They said..if you were: Lighter, Your hair straighter, Your name- Plainer Maybe then…we’ll claim…