Nobody Told You…

It’s hard when you’re young…..

I don’t mean young as in you are a teenager or in your early twenties. Granted those are indeed hard times, filled with teenage angst, acne, college, and learning that life well…sometimes sucks.

I mean it’s hard when you are young in Christ. When you are just a babe, freshly saved…or even saved for a long time but not quite mature.

It’s hard –

I’m Here For Check In

Sometimes you just need a break. A time-out of sorts, a chance to clear your head, and recharge from the breakneck pace you’ve been operating at recently. And let’s be honest things have been going from 0 – 100 and back again so fast that you’re pretty sure you have a type of whiplash that…

Cups and Bubble People

Sometimes you are just empty. Like a cup that’s been sitting in the sink for too long. Or that long stretch of secluded land in the middle of the woods.

Or is it you just feel empty? As if, there is nothing to pull from…

My Pen

When you want to write
But don’t know how-

And you can feel the words
Yet they won’t come out

Hi Problems, Meet GOD

You wake up, the birds are singing……

You roll over and realize you’re late for work-

You stub your toe in the shower, there’s a note on your front door – rent is late. Car won’t start, but thank God the neighbor gave you a jump. Then you realize you’re sitting on E. Your card is declined at the gas station and all you have is $4.45 on you.