Fighting Thoughts

You ever get a song lyric stuck in your head or a thought, a reoccurring disruption?
You know what I mean. The type of thought or song or anything really that catches you unawares when it comes back around and you can never seem to quite get rid of it? It’ll just pop up when you are trying to:

-Read your bible


– Have a discussion on or with God

With 1 Peter 5:7 there’s Hakuna Matata

Disney had a point….
Ok, let me rephrase that. Disney had a catchy catchphrase. But that’s what they do right? They give you a catch phrase that sticks with you. Something that you can easily remember when you are sad, happy, or when times are going down the toilet and you need a happy campy pick me up.


~Locked~ Locked…is it locked? I remember pressing the button but….. What did I do? I came in, kicked off my shoes, started a pot…. But- Chaos…. Locked! Shower taken, tv on, dinner ordered…. But I wonder…. Is it locked? Think! Did I press the button? What did I do? Okay, one more time and I…