Sick Call

I haven’t been feeling well…. I do believe I’m sick, I calmly asked the Doctor “Can you write me out a script?” The Doctor merely smiled, Then He looked down at His pad, He lifted up His pen to write…. These are the writs I have – For fear take two, Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I…

Fixing Brokenness 

Have you ever seen a glass or plate break? It’s almost like it happens in slow motion….

The pieces go everywhere. There’s some under the cabinet, some in the middle of the floor, on the rug..I don’t even want to guess how that piece ended up on the counter. The shattering of these items seems to spread all over the place and all across the room.

Fighting to Struggle

The struggle is real….

No seriously, it is. Sometimes it’s hard just to lift your head off the pillow in the morning. Take a shower. Fix the kids breakfast. Brush your teeth. Or even do something as simple as open your eyes.


~Locked~ Locked…is it locked? I remember pressing the button but….. What did I do? I came in, kicked off my shoes, started a pot…. But- Chaos…. Locked! Shower taken, tv on, dinner ordered…. But I wonder…. Is it locked? Think! Did I press the button? What did I do? Okay, one more time and I…