Keep going

#MomentOfFaith Stop. Breathe. Refocus. Stay…Focused! It’s easy to become distracted right before we reach our breakthrough. It’s easy to give up right before our blessing is delivered. Stay Focused. This race is not for the strong nor the swift. We build strength along the way. We keep pressing along the way. Even if it means…

Be still…

#MomentOfFaith Anyone else feel personally attacked by today’s visual? Lol, I know that I do. Questioning and freaking out should probably be my middle name. Should they be yours? Do you find yourself giving your issues to God only to pace the floor and worry that the worst is going to happen? It’s a daily…

Not the last time

#AMomentOfFaith What a wonderful feeling to know that He doesn’t give up on us. People have a tendency to be imperfect. To sometimes leave when the going gets rough or when it seems like it’s…just too hard. All because we are constantly breaking or constantly broken. Thank God, that He never tells us “This is…

Who Can Be?

We sometimes get so wrapped up in “He said, she said,” that we forget. We forget that people in general cannot stand against us when we have God on our side.

God Still Cares

Sometimes we can feel all alone….it’s only human to feel this way, and being honest…it happens to the best of us. It’s during those times that we forget that God Is

No More Limits 

We as a human race have a tendency to sometimes think only in the possible, and the honest truth is that God works in the impossible

Distracted by Distractions

Distractions are a strange thing….
You see, they never bother you when you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. That is to say those, distractions don’t come when you are not walking in the will of God, or at least trying too, anyway.