It’s time…..

#MomentOfFaith It’s not always easy to do what God has called us to do. We often feel unworthy, ill-equipped, not ready, or just plain scared. And that’s OK! God knows where He’s taking us(even if we don’t). He knows the power we have in Him (even if we forget). He has equipped us with everything…

You’re NOT Ruined…..

#MomentOfFaith We are told that he’s out here trying to seek, kill, and destroy. Basically, to ruin. Kinda sucks when you think about it. BUT GOD! He’s able to take and make things whole. You can NEVER be ruined in God. As one of His. So chin up. Head up. Walk in your beauty. Whatever…

Don’t look back

Don’t look back. You’ve come this far. Changed so much. It may be hard and the temptation may be great. But keep looking forward. It’ll all be worth it and make sense in the end.

Got to Stop Skipping Church Day

I thought about church today….

But then I remembered that one time that I went…there was that one person or group…

I was going to go to church today…

But…then I thought about how I heard the Pastor of that church wasn’t the holiest person and is not doing right, and you know, who is he to tell me how to live for God, if he can’t get right himself….

I was going to go to church today…

But I was tired –

I didn’t have the right clothes-
They’re just going to judge me anyway –

They’re all just hypocrites –

I was going to go but – I can just worship in my own home….

Do any of these sound familiar? Do you ever wonder why church? Like honestly, what is the purpose?

Hi Problems, Meet GOD

You wake up, the birds are singing……

You roll over and realize you’re late for work-

You stub your toe in the shower, there’s a note on your front door – rent is late. Car won’t start, but thank God the neighbor gave you a jump. Then you realize you’re sitting on E. Your card is declined at the gas station and all you have is $4.45 on you.

Don’t Look Back


Run for your life. If you can’t run – speed-walk….either way, you need to get a move on…and do it quickly. In the military we would say “At a Double Time, March,” which meant to pick up the pace, or start running.

But speaking of running…are we tired yet?