He’s there…

#MomentOfFaith In this world, it’s easy to sometimes feel alone. To think that no one sees us and no one cares. But that’s not true. He said He will be with us. No matter how quiet it seems or how high the raging fires, He is with us, and because He cannot lie we know…

Power in words…

#MomentOfFaith We sometimes forget how powerful our words and thoughts are. No matter how it looks or how many times we are told that “life and death are in the power of the tongue”….we forget. We get caught up in life and completely and totally forget how strong God has made us. How powerful we…


#MomentOfFaith Trust is scary. The world has taught us, in one way or another that to place trust in someone can hurt us. However, there is someone who will not break their promises. Who we can trust wholeheartedly. We just have to be willing to jump.

Don’t look back

Don’t look back. You’ve come this far. Changed so much. It may be hard and the temptation may be great. But keep looking forward. It’ll all be worth it and make sense in the end.

Life and the Backburner

Life happens and we often find ourselves pulling away from things, not doing others as much as we used too, and even putting things off. Or on the backburner, as my mother is wont to say.

How often however, do we find ourselves putting God on the backburner?

Fighting Thoughts

You ever get a song lyric stuck in your head or a thought, a reoccurring disruption?
You know what I mean. The type of thought or song or anything really that catches you unawares when it comes back around and you can never seem to quite get rid of it? It’ll just pop up when you are trying to:

-Read your bible


– Have a discussion on or with God