The Devil Is A Liar!

Originally posted on Dear Future Husband:
Written 3/16/15 Dear Future Husband, Of the top three things that can ruin a marriage, finances is one of them.  It is my prayer that at no time will we allow money to bring strife and chaos to our happy home.  We are a team and we have to…

Changing Seasons 

You’ve done this a million times before….
You get up, walk to the door, and turn toward the stairs.
All you really want is something to drink and maybe a bite to eat. There are twelve steps if you don’t include the landing, but this time.

Ten –

Fighting to Struggle

The struggle is real….

No seriously, it is. Sometimes it’s hard just to lift your head off the pillow in the morning. Take a shower. Fix the kids breakfast. Brush your teeth. Or even do something as simple as open your eyes.

Funny Little Thing

Faith –

Such a simple word, yet a hard thing to grasp. As humans by default we are vision oriented. We need to see it to believe it. So how do we believe in faith?

Simply said…Hello

I am so excited to be embarking on this beautiful journey with you all. Words and their numerous uses, their nuisances, their ability to create, and ultimately destroy has always been a wonder to me. So needless to say I am extremely happy yet nervous to share my wonderment with you. So come. Let us…

Welcome to my world…

What you are getting ready to witness is my first foray into uniting my versions of the poetry world…and the Christian blogging sphere. I do not know what type of new domain we will make, or what messes we will make along the way……