Cups and Bubble People

Sometimes you are just empty. Like a cup that’s been sitting in the sink for too long. Or that long stretch of secluded land in the middle of the woods.

Or is it you just feel empty? As if, there is nothing to pull from…

Hi Problems, Meet GOD

You wake up, the birds are singing……

You roll over and realize you’re late for work-

You stub your toe in the shower, there’s a note on your front door – rent is late. Car won’t start, but thank God the neighbor gave you a jump. Then you realize you’re sitting on E. Your card is declined at the gas station and all you have is $4.45 on you.

Secret Agent Man/Woman

Ever looked around and it seems like everyone is moving fast but you’re standing still?

It’s like something straight out of a movie. Picture it – camera pans over and you walk onto the scene or into house or restaurant or wherever (pick a place) and the world slows down, the lights dim, and a voiceover starts: “I bet you’re wondering how I got here…to this place…at this time…with these people…well, yeah. Me too.” Or something like that

Don’t Look Back


Run for your life. If you can’t run – speed-walk….either way, you need to get a move on…and do it quickly. In the military we would say “At a Double Time, March,” which meant to pick up the pace, or start running.

But speaking of running…are we tired yet?

Fixing Brokenness 

Have you ever seen a glass or plate break? It’s almost like it happens in slow motion….

The pieces go everywhere. There’s some under the cabinet, some in the middle of the floor, on the rug..I don’t even want to guess how that piece ended up on the counter. The shattering of these items seems to spread all over the place and all across the room.

Growing Pains

The dreaded clothes shopping..

This can either be a great thing or a horrible experience. Are we going because all that hard work in the gym paid off, or because the only thing we have left to wear are leggings, sweatpants, and the infamous elastic-waist pants?

Changing Seasons 

You’ve done this a million times before….
You get up, walk to the door, and turn toward the stairs.
All you really want is something to drink and maybe a bite to eat. There are twelve steps if you don’t include the landing, but this time.

Ten –

Fighting to Struggle

The struggle is real….

No seriously, it is. Sometimes it’s hard just to lift your head off the pillow in the morning. Take a shower. Fix the kids breakfast. Brush your teeth. Or even do something as simple as open your eyes.

Funny Little Thing

Faith –

Such a simple word, yet a hard thing to grasp. As humans by default we are vision oriented. We need to see it to believe it. So how do we believe in faith?