Why do I write?

Asking me why I write is like asking why it is necessary to breathe…

Really? Why do you breathe?

Is it out of necessity?

Maybe something you are compelled to do.

Because to stop would mean you cease to exist….

Or –

Have you ever screamed internally?

Where no one could hear your agony…

The silent manifestation of shattered dreams

Fact is it is easy to scream inside, or out

However, have you ever written your thoughts and they came out a shout?

Writing is second nature to me

More so than talking

More than reading

Or being…

It’s almost, like…breathing

So why do I write?

Why is it done?

I believe that I can explain this one –

I write for the ones who cannot speak

I write for those whose voices are weak

I write so the pain does not continue to leak

I write to clear up toxicity

I write so the world will one day hear me….

I write because it centers me

Truth is-

Writing is I

And I am it….

To know the real me,

It is the easiest thing

Look at my works

It’s all there to see.


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