Wait for the lesson


How many times have we asked for our mountain to be moved? For the storm to just pass or for the feelings to end?

Better yet –

How many times have we tried to bargain with God, saying, “Lord if you just ______, I swear I’ll never ________ again”?

How many times during all of our trials have we stopped and asked Him, “Lord, what are you trying to teach me?” I admit, I don’t do it too often. And it leaves me wondering:

“God! Do you hear me?!”

The truth is He does. Our prayers are getting through.

There’s no block on the line, God is not on DnD, nor is He away on vacation.

Fact is…..sometimes we need silence. We need the silence to think, to grow, to learn, to listen. To grow closer to God.

Yes, it’s hard. And YES, sometimes it will hurt. We will cry, beg, plead, become angry.

But we will learn. We will come through the storm. We will take this lesson and apply it. Teach it to others. Eventually, we will even thank Him for it.

But first we must sit. We must wait. We must trust, learn, and have faith.

We must continue to grow.

📷: Christ-Centered Mama


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