Our help


Where does our help come from? According to Psalms 121 it comes from the Lord.

A reminder. That no matter what it looks like or feels like, our strength, our help, comes from the Lord.

So look up! Head up. Walk in the knowledge that He is with us. He will preserve us.

No matter the storm, no matter the struggle. No matter the nays, or naysayers.

No matter how hard it seems, or how desperate the situation.

He will keep you. He will watch over you. So take heart, have peace, and know.

All of our help comes from the Lord. So call out to Him. He will be there.



We thank you for being our help. We thank You for your love. For the fact that you cannot lie and your words and promises cannot return to you void. Please be with us. Ease the storms, heal our hearts, minds, and bodies. We know you are able and thank you in advance. We know where our help comes from and we praise You for it. In Jesus name.



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