Like the Deer

I heard an explanation for the song/saying/scripture “As the deer pants for the water…” it went something like this:

A lot of us believe that is saying the deer is thirsty. Like all he needs is a sip of water. But that’s NOT so.

The thing is when a deer is being chased it heads for a stream. Because it knows that if it can just reach the water that the enemy will LOSE his scent!

Ok back to a #FaithMoment:

When we are running from the enemy we know (well our spirit knows) if we can just get to God’s waters…

Do you see! The enemy cannot scent us…cannot track us, if we can…if we could just reach God’s water. If we can just get to the stream the enemy will lose his sense of direction and be unable to find us. In essence we are HIDDEN IN THE SHADOW….

Using the WORD, getting on our faces, and getting into the PRESENCE of God introduces us to His waters. ❤️





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