God Still Cares


Sometimes we can feel all alone….it’s only human to feel this way, and being honest…it happens to the best of us. It’s during those times that we forget that God Is. Not only do we sometimes forget that He Is, but we also forget that God Does. It’s hard to recall that He sees, He hears, and He cares for us when our world seems too be rocking to and fro. Or when we are in a waiting period and we don’t know when or what the outcome will be. Which is why it’s absolutely imperative to remember during these times when we want to throw in the towel, that His word CANNOT lie. He has told us He sees us. That He hears and cares for us. That He will never leave nor forsake us. So while we wait on our answers remember that He is near and He cares. He hears, and He sees. You are not alone.






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