Just A Little Bit


Without God. That’s a tough statement. Without God it can get a bit…ok a lot rough. When we let life, distractions, even others dictate the amount of time that we are spending with God we succumb to a week that then rolls into months and years of what amounts to spiritual starvation….and everyone knows you can only starve something only so much. Nothing is saying that you need to be a Super Holy Roller spending 6-12 hours in the Word a day and the other hours in prayer. Because honestly…..even I can’t do that. However, we can all spend 10-15 maybe even 20-30 min. with God a day. You would be surprised at what that little amount of time could do.





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  1. Yesss, I️ need God every part of my day. Without Him I️ am nothing ☺️

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    1. I feel the exact same way!

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  2. True, we need to keep our spirits fed with the word of God.

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