Change Me Lord


🎵 Change me oh God,
Make me more like you
Change me oh God,

Wash me through and through
Create in me a clean heart
So that I may worship you

A wonderful change has come over me
A wonderful change has come over me🎵

Often times we ask God to change us, to clean us and to make us over and then we fight Him every step of the way. We question evey move, disobey every directive, and complain when changes take place. We have to come to a point where we understand that God is an absolute gentleman. And although the word says ask and you shall receive it also says we receive according to our faith. He will work from the inside out, outside in, and all about. Do you believe that God can change things? That He can change situations, outcomes, and circumstances? The answer should be yes. Why? Because God only needs a little to work a lot….

🎵A wonderful change has come over me🎵



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