Turn Down the Volume…

28 Oct 2017 –

There’s so much stuff going on around you on a daily basis that can cause a lack of focus. We have to learn how to “turn the volume down” on these things so we can focus on what matters. This along with a sincere want, and time in our word will help us to hear God. There’s much He wants to tell us. If only we would listen.  So turn down the distractions that the world offers and turn up the volume on God’s voice. He’s worth listening to.




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  1. What does really it mean to turn down the volume of the world? I would love to see an article for this by me because I am really struggling with this in my life. Thanks

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    1. So this means to try and disregard or distance yourself from the things that are distracting you from hearing God. Or spending time with and in His word. This can be social media or anything that makes it hard to listen to the Holy Spirit and what God is trying to tell you.


      1. Thanks for taking your time to explain this. God bless you and may you continue to Become.

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