Do you Trust?

30 Oct 2017 –


🎵Will you let go?….
I’ll trust you, Lord….
Will you stand on My word?
I’ll trust you, Lord…
Against all odds will you believe what I have said?
I’ll trust You, Lord…..
What seems impossible?
I’ll trust You, Lord….
Will you believe?
I’ll trust You, Lord….
Every promise that I made will you receive? Yes, I will trust You, Lord.🎵

No matter what life brings or doesn’t bring will you still trust HIM? Will you trust Him enough to believe that no matter the circumstance that He’s got you? Do you trust enough to give all your dreams, worries, fears, joy, children, and self to him? And believe (have faith enough) that all will work out?
Do you? 22853208_381084725647842_1507229487241603483_n
#ADailyWork #iTrustYouLord.


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  1. There are days I struggle with trusting God but His grace is sufficient on those days. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you.

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