With 1 Peter 5:7 there’s Hakuna Matata

Disney had a point….


Ok, let me rephrase that.  Disney had a catchy catchphrase.  But that’s what they do right?  They give you a catch phrase that sticks with you.  Something that you can easily remember when you are sad, happy, or when times are going down the toilet and you need a happy campy pick me up.

Think about it: What means no worries for the rest of your days?

Well….if you said Hakuna Matata you are 100% Disney correct and about 30% real life correct…because let’s face it.

Worries Happen and so do problems–

Fall is here and with this new season comes new holidays and new worries.  Friendships may be new, changing, growing, or fading.  You may have lost or just gained a job.  Or gotten some news that has your head and heart in a tizzy and you have no way of knowing what the outcome will be, or even what to do while you wait.   Then in walks the person (everyone has one or seven during these times) that says “Why are you worried, if it was me…”  Are you that person?  Don’t be that person.

So what do we do? How do we combat worry?

Because being completely honest worries and anxiety (they’re sometimes interchangeable) can be debilitating.  They can cause panic like attacks, and make you to frozen where you stand.  Especially when you cannot put into words what has you worried/anxious.  It’s not something people can see, so they tend to brush it off.  That’s the hard reality about worry.  Sometimes you don’t know why you are worried.

Matthew 6:34 says,


When you look at it, kind of makes it easy and hard not to worry about tomorrow because now we’re worried about today’s troubles, but, instead of looking at it like that we should give thanks that we now have one less thing to worry about.  It is telling us to slow down.  Take things a day at a time.  We are so quick to try and run ahead instead of “stopping to smell the roses” that we cause ourselves undue worry trying to figure out what tomorrow holds instead of being thankful for and just making it through today.

Have you told God “Thank you” for today?

To always be honest with you (I will always be honest with you), things will not always be easy, and yes we will worry.  Sometimes we will look at our bank account, and look at the amount of bill left, and there will be more month and bill than there will be money.  In times like that it is hard not to worry.  I can be honest because I have been there.  I have faced MORE month THAN money.  During those times I had to remind myself that the Lord said:


If he made YOU (and ME) in His own image why would WE not be more valuable?!  We just need to TRUST. Proverbs tells us to TRUST IN THE LORD AND LEAN NOT TO OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.  That means that we may not understand why things are the way that they are at the moment.  You or I may not understand why we are losing friends, why we don’t want to go out anymore, why the things that used to interest us no longer do, why our funds are low, or it just seems like one thing after another. One worry/anxiety after another.  But we can (and should) say:


And know that He WILL take care of it because He LOVES us. And NOTHING He does is to hurt us.  So yes, there will be worries, and yes there will be trials and anxiety and even the occasional anxiety/panic attack because we are human, the devil is busy, and we sometimes have issues.  That does not make God any less.  It also does NOT make YOU any less.  It makes God great and us human.  However, if you find that this campy pick me up (see what I did there) isn’t helping and you are having trouble telling problems how big God is, take a gander at Hi Problems, Meet God.  It’ll help.

Hakuna 1 Peter 5:7 – It means cast Your Worries……

It’s my problem free philosophy 1 Peter 5:7 HAKUNA MATATA!


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  1. Great thoughts! Gratitude can certainly help us combat worry and focus on what’s true.

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    1. That is so true! Sometimes we just have to stop and say thank you. ❤️


  2. I loved the article so inspiring. I am a bit confused by the heading though….Hakuna is a swahili word meaning ‘there’s no’ and that really confuses me. Hakuna Matata is a swahili phrase from Kenya meaning ” there’s no problem” Hakuna means ‘there’s no ‘ and matata means ‘problems’. I am Kenyan. I just thought you should know.

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    1. Of course. I appreciate you reading and I hope it helps in some way. The title was just a play on the Disney song Hakuna Matata. I was basically saying There are no cares with the Bible verse to back it up. To cast your cares onto Him. Maybe now that you mention it, I should probably change it 😊. Thank you for informing me. Be blessed!
      Faith ❤️


  3. Or you could explain it to me

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