Food For Thought 

They say-

“You are what you eat,”
And truth is,
I’m still starving….

I’m hungry for
Biblical, Scholarly, Literary

To me this is food
The best kind of entree 
Filling and full-filling
Becoming my entire being,

My mind a library 
Come walk in the stacks
The more that I eat
The more fills my racks

Overthinker that’s me 
A lover of words
We are what we eat
And I’m eating those words 

Like a child at a table 
Full of candies for food

The spiritual knowledge 
Biblical intake on a daily 
Has my spirit man hungry 
Slurping up all I can
Like milk and honey

Scholarly food 
Keeps us on our toes
Competitive, and talented 
In ways no one knows 

But Literary food
Is like a fluffy desert
Enjoyed during leisure 
Can soothe away hurts
Create lands no one knows

If I am what I eat 
Then it’s easy to see
I’m a walking library 
Dedicated to me

©Words With Faith2017


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