My Pen

When you want to write  
But don’t know how-

And you can feel the words
Yet they won’t come out,

There’s a pressure that’s building 
In the center of your chest,
It builds, and builds, and builds-
Never to rest…

But you pray…

Dear Lord-

Please take these…
A flow of written letters
From me to you….
A decrease of self 
And Increase of You

Please remove the pressure 
Of my silent, quiet words
Please take my pen in Your mighty hand 
And help my words fly,
Grant them strength to find the one 
Who needs these words to win this fight
 Grant them a purpose anew
And Knowledge that Your love is True,

A strength of mind
A hedge and fence,
Armor put in place
And the strength to fight this race
In Jesus name Amen…

These words feel at peace,
The pressure is gone….

I thank you for another day 
A chance to begin again 

All that’s really left to say is,
Thank You for taking my pen

©Words With Faith2017


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  1. What a beautiful and intimate prayer you have shared here. I have similar prayers for my own writing, my own pressure brewing from within! Thank you for blessing us with yours. ❤

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my prayer. I pray that it was able to touch you in some way. We just have to ask God to take the pen and let Him have his way. Blessings.
      Faith ❤️


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