Incessant bleating 
Your lips are moving but all I hear is-


Now the noise sounds like screaming,
Ever heard a kid screaming?

A goat, or a baby
Either one is quite draining 
Holding back a shout,
Trying to worm its way out 


Empty, I have zonked
In this match, I tap out
Your rapid succession of verbal sparring sessions 

Parry, parry, thrust, reset

I cannot believe this is just the second set
The pressure is building 
My eyes, my chest
Lord please guard my tongue 
Prevent what is next


Is that a goat
I’ve failed, I have lost
I’ll make my way out
The pressure is gone , my brain crystal clear

Fed Up




©Words With Faith2017


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read Losing. I greatly appreciate it, and value your feedback.
      ~Faith ❤️


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