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Sick Call

I haven’t been feeling well….

I do believe I’m sick,
I calmly asked the Doctor
“Can you write me out a script?”

The Doctor merely smiled,

Then He looked down at His pad,
He lifted up His pen to write….

These are the writs I have –

For fear take two, Isaiah 41:10
Fear not for I am with you,
Then for anger take one, Ephesians 4:26
Don’t let anger control you,

If lonely, take three Deuteronomy 31:8
He will not leave nor forsake you,
And if tired, take four Matthew 11:28
And He will give you rest,

Surprised by the prescriptions
I still asked for two more,
I didn’t speak my issues

Yet, He handed me scripts at the door –

Isaiah 53:5, for your healing
By His stripes you are healed,
Don’t worry about the amount,
Take until you are filled

And if your faith should fail you
Use this one right here,
You only need a little
Just a pinch if you will,

Matthew 17:20 –

Tells you how much you need,
Just a small amount you see
Like a mustard seed,

I looked down at the refills
Noticed they never run out,
Looked up and thanked my Doctor

And saw my own way out….


©Words With Faith2017

9 thoughts on “Sick Call

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for reading Sick Call. I greatly appreciate it 😍. I pray that it helps you in some way and that you enjoy your refills😀. Stay Blessed.
      ~Faith ❤️


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