Do you?
Right in front of you,
Speaking to you,
Like a broken, lost puppet 

I sing…
I dance..
I twirl…

I prance-

Oh, the world’s a stage
Cue good old “Mr Cellophane”
Can you see my countenance change?
Notice I wear a mask to play this game?

Can you hear me?

Is there sound when my lips move?
Is it just a whisper into the wind….
There’s vibration in the vocal chords 
I feel my lips forming words…


Are my screams being stolen?
Is that why you can’t hear…
Am I not really voiceless,
The sounds…snatched from the air…

Or maybe…

I’m not saying anything worth hearing,
That’s the biggest fear
Scared of slowly disappearing
Tell me!
Am I still here?

Yes, this is now the reason…

I may just disappear…but I still wonder,
Can you hear me? Am I really here?

©Words With Faith2017


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to Voiceless. I greatly appreciate it. ❤️

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