Grandma’s Chair

On Grandma’s porch, there’s an iron chair
I close my eyes, and she’s sitting there
Head slightly bent, in silent prayer…
When I open them up she’s really there, 
Rocking in this front porch chair…

The truth is…

I have no clue how long she’s been there, 
In this iron sitting chair 
Whispering her fervent plea,
For the angels to guard over me

I’ve always known, 
Prayed for me,
With a sense of urgency,
With old time faith and true belief
Never to quit, never to cease….

Each time I visit 
I spy this chair,
Nonchalantly sitting there
On the porch without a care,
As if it wasn’t filled with prayers

 And now and then she’ll stop and sit
 And I’ll watch Grandama pray in it,
I always wonder what she says 
When she sits out there and prays,

And once everyone has gone inside
It’s now my turn,

To give it a try…

I take my seat in Grandma’s chair 
And thank the Lord that she’s still here.

©Words With Faith2017


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