Dear Daughters 

Dear Daughters,

I don’t have a daughter,
You see I only have a son,
But there is something you should know
From one girl to another one.

I know you see the “girls”
on the TV and in magazines,
Showing their rumps, twerking,
trying to be seen

Ones who think it’s ok
to be called out of their name
Striving for attention
and some bit of fame

But daughters, oh daughters
You are worth so much more,
You can do much, much more

The intelligence you hide
by dumbing yourself down
trying to keep those so-called “friends” around

Stop it!
Let them go!

It’s way past time for you to show,
The beauty, strength, and so much sass
The things you can do, build, surpass

Find a good mentor,
stay in school-
One day you see,
they’ll will work for you

Do more than this generation
has ever done,
You, yes you daughter
You are the one

So while I wait for you to realize
all you are worth
Beauty, smile, brains,
not of this earth

Just know daughters of now,
I am here in your corner
Praying for you as hard as I know how.
Photo Credit:Art Gives Me Life

©Words With Faith2017


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