Welcome to my world…

Hello and Welcome to my world….

     What you are getting ready to witness is my first foray into uniting my versions of the poetry world…and the Christian blogging sphere. I do not know what type of new domain we will make, or what messes we will make along the way. So I ask for patience and understanding, as we experiment, play, and learn this new literary world together.

I thank you for your support, no matter the form, and for stopping in to read and see what I have to offer. I will be posting and adding new material when God tells me to, as well as when I can. That may be once a week, or multiple times a day. Aren’t surprises fun?

Stay Blessed, Stay Tuned, Stay Expectant ❤

“Faith moves mountains, and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished without hope.”

~ F. Raine



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