The Letter

I chose a path you cannot take
But I’m not far from thee
I’ve gone to glory with the Lord
So, don’t grieve too long for me

Remember it’s okay to laugh,
To even crack a smile,
To tell the stories that embarrassed me-
when I was a child

But if you have to weep that’s fine
Just remember to dry your eyes
I’m not as far as you may think
I’m closer than you realize

I’m there in every heartbeat,
Every memory that we shared
Each time we said, “I Love You,”
even if whispered into the air.

I took the path you cannot take
I’m sitting with the Lord
And whenever you start missing me
Just remember these few words:

I loved you then, I love you now
I’ll love you ever still.
This is not goodbye my loves.
It’s till we meet again.


©Words With Faith2017


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