Before the Storm

It’s always quietest right before,
the bottom falls out-

That moment just before,
the other shoe drops
When the world holds her breath
Because she knows-

The other shoe is falling
The ground is unsafe…
There is lightning coming,
right after that thunder

It’s in the quiet moments,
while waiting for the ground to crumble
That the Silence,
shares her wonderous secrets.

“Run!” She says..
“Hold fast,” she’ll whisper-
“Plant your feet, and bend your knees,
if you’re trying to avoid this disaster.”

But then- there are times..
When Silence is…


No advice to be heard
No answers are given
All sounds,
Seem muffled on the Earth
And in the Heavens

It’s there in those moments
I recall, I remember
What I’ve always known
It’s always the quietest
Right before the storm


©Words With Faith2017


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